How It Works

Bump Benefits is here to ensure that you get your FREE breast pump as quickly and seamlessly as possible! Let’s get you started!


Fill out the short approval form.

Our approval form asks for basic information, such as, your name, address, and insurance provider. We need this information in order to contact your insurance provider directly, so that we may receive their approval to ship you your breast pump. If you don’t see your insurance provider on our list, please contact us directly.


Select a pump.

We offer a wide variety of free breast pumps from which you can make your selection. In addition to rating each and every pump on criteria such as portability and performance, we also offer in-depth reviews of all of our breast pumps, and allow you to listen to the acoustics of each one.


We take care of the paperwork, insurance hoops, and shipping.

By placing your order on, you’re allowing us to work on your behalf. We’ll communicate with your insurance company directly, verifying your eligibility, submitting all necessary paperwork, and handling all of the claim and billing details for you. You’ll get your insurance-covered breast pump within just a few days, and without any hassle on your part!

Getting your own FREE breast pump
is as easy as just signing up.