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Offers 2-phase pumping with adjustable speed and suction settings. Built-in timer. Closed system design. Cordless pumping with disposable batteries. Smartpump model offers mobile app to track pump time and expressed milk volume.
Breast shield design may be uncomfortable for some women. Some users find the pump to be less efficient than other options.
The Lansinoh Double Electric Pump is available in two models: SignaturePro and Smartpump. The pumps are nearly identical with the main difference being that Smartpump syncs with Lansinoh’s smartphone app to automatically record your pumping time. Overall, Lansinoh is an above average pump with a nice set of features, including 2-phase expression and a closed-system design.

Detailed Review

Performance - 3/5
The Lansinoh Double Electric Pump features 2-phase pumping to mimic a baby’s natural nursing behavior. Phase one stimulates the breast’s letdown reflex through a rapid, gentle suction and phase two uses a strong and slower suction to maintain milk flow. The pump is highly customizable with 3 sets of pumping styles and a range of speed and suction settings to choose from.

In our testing we found the pump to be about average in its maximum suction strength, though some moms complain the suction isn’t as strong as they’d like it to be.
Portability - 4/5
Lansinoh is a lightweight and portable pump, weighing less than 1 lb and able to fit into most carrying bags. For on-the-go convenience, the pump has the option of running on disposable AA batteries instead of an outlet.
Features and Accessories - 4.5/5
Lansinoh features an easy-to-read LCD interface with separate digital controls for speed and suction settings, and the ability to choose from 3 pumping settings. The pump also has a built-in timer to help you keep track of your pumping session. The Smartpump model connects with Lansinoh’s smartphone app and offers the ability to automatically record your pumping time. The app can also keep track of your expressed milk volume, but you must enter that information manually.

Lansinoh comes with one set of 25 mm breast shields which will fit most moms. The company also sells a larger size (30.5 mm) that can be purchased separately if needed. Breast shield size is determined by mom’s nipple size and most moms only discover which size is best for them once they’ve started pumping. Lansinoh’s breast shields are designed with a rubber cushion around the rim which is intended for comfort, but some women find to be rigid and uncomfortable.

Lansinoh-brand collection bottles have uniquely wide mouths, so only Lansinoh, or other wide-mouthed bottles can be used with the pump.

Lansinoh is a well-known brand and can be easily be found online, in specialty stores, and in some large retailers. The pump is covered under an industry standard 1 year warranty and accessories are covered under an industry-standard 90-day warranty.
Acoustics - 5/5
Lansinoh is about average in its noise output. Click the link to listen to the pump on its midlevel settings.
What it sounds like
Noise level: Average
Hygiene - 5/5

Lansinoh operates using a closed-system design which is ideal for cleanliness. Membranes located at the top of the breast shields create a barrier to prevent moisture from building up in the suction tubing and pump itself. This is important because if condensation accumulates in the tubes, it can foster mold or mildew growth. All pump parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe, making them especially easy to clean.