Medela Pump In Style Advanced

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Medela Pump In Style Advanced

Our Score
4.2 out of 5
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
4 / 5
3.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Efficient, comfortable, and extremely portable. 2-phase pumping. Cordless option with disposable batteries. High quality carrying bag included with On-the-Go-Tote, Backpack, and Metro Bag upgrades.
Open-system design is not ideal for cleanliness. Single manual control for speed and suction settings.
The Pump in Style Advanced is available as a basic Starter Set and has three upgrade options: the On-the-Go-Tote, the Backpack, and the Metro Bag. The pumps are nearly identical with the main difference being their carrying bags. The Pump in Style Advanced offers many important features, such as portability and 2-phase pumping in a lightweight build. The main drawback of the pump is that it uses an open-system design, which means there is no barrier between the tubing and your milkflow. Aside from this, the Pump in Style Advanced is an efficient, comfortable, and reliable choice for any mom.

Detailed Review

Performance - 4.5/5
The Medela Pump in Style Advanced uses 2-phase pumping to mimic a baby’s natural nursing behavior. Phase one (letdown phase) stimulates the breast’s letdown reflex through a rapid, gentle suction and phase two (expression phase) uses a strong and slower suction to maintain milk flow. The Pump in Style automatically switches from letdown to expression after two minutes, but has a button to switch manually if you need more or less time.

Relative to the other pumps we’ve tested, The PISA’s maximum suction strength is one of the highest, and the pump maintains a great balance of comfort and speed.
Portability - 4.5/5
The Medela Pump in Style Advanced has the unique feature of being enclosed in its own canvas casing, making it highly portable. The Starter Set weighs just 2 pounds and will easily fit into most carrying bags. The On-the-go-Tote and Backpack models are built directly into their carrying bags with controls accessible through a velcro flap on the side. The Metro Bag model offers the most flexibility as it includes a removeable pump in addition to a separate carrying bag .

Each upgrade model offers the option of running on disposable AA batteries for on-the-go convenience.The PISA Starter Set does not have a built-in battery pack or disposable battery option, so moms with this unit are limited to pumping next to an outlet.
Features and Accessories - 4.5/5
The Pump In Style Starter Set, Backpack, and On-the-go-Tote each come with one set of 24mm breast shields. The Metro Bag includes a larger, 27mm set as well. The included breast shields will fit most moms, but Medela also sells 3 additional sizes (21mm, 30mm, 36mm) that can be purchased separately if needed. Breast shield size is determined by mom’s nipple size and most moms only discover which size is best for them once they’ve started pumping.

Medela uses a single knob to control its power and speed settings. This may be a minor drawback for moms who prefer a digital control, or even two separate knobs to adjust settings. The pump also lacks a timer, nightlight, and memory capability, which are features offered by some other pumps on the market.

The Pump in Style Backpack and On-the-go-Tote come with a wide range of accessories such as a well-made carrying bag, cooler, ice pack, and extra collection bottles. The Metro Bag model includes these, plus some other convenient add-ons like mesh storage bags and a battery pack pouch. Medela is the most well-known breast pump brand and parts can easily be found online, in specialty stores, and in most large retailers.

The pump is covered under an industry standard 1 year warranty and accessories are covered under an industry-standard 90-day warranty.
Acoustics - 4/5
The Pump in Style Advanced is about average in its noise output. Click the link to listen to the pump on its mid-level settings in both the letdown phase and expression phase.
What it sounds like
Phase one - letdown
Phase two - expression
Noise level: Average
Hygiene - 3.5/5

The biggest drawback of The Pump in Style Advanced is that it operates using an open-system design, which means there is no barrier between the tubing and your milkflow. This is a problem because if condensation or backflow enters the tubing or pump itself, it can foster mold or mildew growth. Most of the best pumps on the market use a closed-system to protect the pump and suction tubes from moisture.

All of Medela’s parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe.